Author: Jennifer Heath


Happy Trails is a brand-new, two-level primary course which contains
National Geographic photography and content enabling students to
learn about our world while learning English. The book follows the
adventures of Ty a panda, Leo a leopard and Mia a meerkat as they
explore the world and send video updates to their friend Trek.

• Exciting mini stories featuring Trek and his three friends: Ty a panda, Leo a leopard and Mia a meerkat
• Short non-fi ction reading passages accompanied by stunning National Geographic photography
• Pupil's reality' reading passages in each unit
• Clear presentation of the target vocabulary set (the family, adjectives, shops, transport, etc) at the beginning of each lesson
• Concise grammar structure presentations and task
• Plenty of illustration-based tasks, including stickers
• Lots of memorable, catchy songs that make learning fun

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